One Lit Place Community Member Code of Conduct

The Community at One Lit Place is where writers of serious intent connect, collaborate, exchange ideas and access resources. Our goal is to foster meaningful connection between writers of all genres and interests and provide a secure, intimate space where writers accountably share in their writing process.

Our online community is a welcoming, constructive environment. To ensure our community maintains its integrity, members must agree to the following terms of our Code of Conduct.

Online Community Policies

  1. Members agree to conduct themselves in a manner that is courteous, respectful, and open-minded toward diverse points of view and individuals. If any conflict arises between members, the involved parties will take all necessary steps toward amicably rectifying the situation and will proceed in a genteel manner with those members and in the community at large.
  2. Our community is based on transparent, authentic connection and communication, and as such, in the spirit of openness and transparency, upon registration, members must provide a full legal name or a full preferred name that is used regularly and by which the member is identified on verifiable documentation. No pseudonyms, handles, or usernames may be used in lieu of accurate name identification.
  3. Members must upload a picture of themselves and accurate biographical information in the Member Directory. No avatars, cartoons, symbols, or other non-identifying images are allowed.
  4. Members may share personal contact information in the Member Directory or elsewhere in order to create micro groups and personal connections, however it is suggested that if members do not wish their personal information to be available to the entire membership community, it be distributed or shared through private message only. All members acknowledge that sharing personal information is done entirely at their own risk.
  5. Postings must be relevant to the thread in which they are posted.
  6. Posting of spam, viruses, illegal or pornographic material is prohibited.
  7. Abusive, threating, profane, vulgar, offensive, racist or degrading language will not be tolerated. Defamatory comments or potentially libellous derogatory statements attacking any individual or organization are expressly forbidden and will be immediately censored and removed and may be cause for immediate revocation of membership.
  8. Pirating, breaching of copyright and/or intellectual property is expressly forbidden as is all discussion or promotion of such activities in this community.
  9. Unless a topic or forum is specifically designated for highlighting writer accomplishments, publications, or services, posting of overt sales pitches by way of promotions or advertisements for businesses, products or services is not allowed. Members may include links to external information on websites, but the content of the advertisement should not be contained in the posts themselves.
  10. Posts of advocacy, proselytizing, campaigning or promotion of such things as politics, law, religion, or other issues of a personal agenda are not permitted.
  11. Members agree to use standard English and avoid acronyms, text-style language or other nonstandard language for maximum inclusivity.
  12. Members will avoid the use of all capital letters in posts as it comes across as shouting.
  13. If inappropriate postings occur, email directly rather than publicly posting about the unsuitable behaviour.
  14. The administration of One Lit Place reserves the right to edit, move or delete any post deemed to be in violation of the Code of Conduct or the Terms of Service.
  15. Community members accept all responsibility for the opinions and information they post. One Lit Place accepts no responsibility for the content of member postings other than content posted by the administration of One Lit Place.
  16. If a member’s online behaviour or postings are determined by the administration of One Lit Place to be inappropriate or a member fails to provide an accurate name in the Member Directory, that member will receive a written warning and be given the opportunity within a specified time frame to rectify the situation. The member will be required to provide evidence that he or she understands the reason for the warning and must offer a plan for avoiding future violations. If there is a second violation or at failure to acknowledge the first warning within the specified time period, the member will be removed from the community without refund or opportunity to return. Mitigating circumstances may be discussed privately with One Lit Place, but reinstatement will only be allowed under unusual circumstances, and such decision is entirely at the discretion of One Lit Place. In the event a member is involved in an incident too extreme to warrant a warning, the member will be removed permanently from the community without refund or opportunity to return. Such instances include posting of illegal material, purposeful dissemination of viruses or intentional derogatory/defamatory or potentially libellous statements or attacks.
  17. Members acknowledge that if at any time they are found to have violated any of the terms of the Code of Conduct, they may be removed from the community without refund or opportunity for return. One Lit Place reserves the right to terminate access to any community member who does not abide by the online community Code of Conduct. All decisions regarding membership will be at the discretion of the administration of One Lit Place.

Continued membership within our community is an automatic acceptance of this Code of Conduct, and by posting in the community, members agree to be bound by all terms stated herewith. If at any time a member should decide that he or she no longer agrees with this code and wishes to leave our community, he or she may send an email to and we will provide assistance in removing the member from the community.