About One Lit Place

One Lit Place is a full-service literary hub & collective that provides courses & seminars, writer services, and an interactive virtual community.

Founded in 2016, One Lit Place was created in order to give writers a fully-realized literary environment and community where writers could get help, collaborate, and gather all under one virtual roof.

  • Private writer services are available to assist writers of all genres at any stage of their work- from inception through publication.
  • Creative Writing and General Writing Courses are offered both online and in real time, making them an excellent way for writers to grow, share their work, and engage in a community of peers as they build their skills and portfolios.Seminars address a variety of needs from website building and content to issues of writing craft, to business writing tips.
  • Like the common room in a writing program, The Community at One Lit Place is a private, members-only space where writers can talk about their work, the writing world, get help and guidance, and co-work via live chat. A variety of valuable and informative resources, webinars, articles, and references are available as well. 


Everything a writer needs can be found at One Lit Place: assistance, connection, and learning. Writing must be done alone, but we derive energy from a collective of peers; we produce best when we are supported.

Jenna Kalinsky, Founder and Principal of One Lit Place