Our Community

Our Community

All writers- whether creative, business, academic or general- derive enormous benefit from the insights, connection and camaraderie with other writers.

The Community of One Lit Place is a thriving gathering spot that offers the vigorous kind of interaction of a writing program, but in an online forum, making it accessible to writers any time, anywhere.

Our members-only virtual space, in a password protected online environment, gives writers unlimited access to a wealth of resources, networking opportunities, and the intimacy and connection of having a community of peers at your fingertips.

Members have unlimited access to:

  • Useful articles, tips and resources
  • A diverse discussion area with topics across writing interests and genres
  • Live chat
  • Video conferencing for workshop and conversation
  • Educational materials
  • Our Online Book Club with the One Lit Place Book Activist, Janet Hoy
  • Networking and relationship-building with other writers of all genres
  • Exclusive member events
    and more!

Membership to The Community at One Lit Place is $9.97/month.*

*some discounts may apply!

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