CARP Partner Benefits

As a proud partner of CARP, One Lit Place is pleased to offer all CARP members the opportunity to write, explore, and learn– at a discounted rate and in a secure online environment designed to meet your schedule and individual needs.

Whether you’ve never written before or have been writing for years, One Lit Place is where you will find support, education, and a vibrant community of writers of all levels and interests with whom you can share unlimited conversation, resources and exclusive events about writing, books, and life through a creative lens.

  • Our writing courses are intimate and challenging, designed to give all writers- from those who have never written before to seasoned professionals- the opportunity to expand and explore their worlds, both inner and outer, through writing.
  • Fuel your projects and your process by working one-on-one with one of our coaches or editors. They guide writers of all levels to their best work in ways and with a schedule that is tailored for each writer.
  • Join and hang out in our Writers Lounge where you are always at home. Enjoy secure unlimited access to conversation, networking, and work-sharing with writers of all levels and interests and small-business professionals from around the world– Plus any time you wish to connect with a small group, just let us know! We offer private online conversation spaces!

CARP Member Discounts at One Lit Place

All CARP members receive $30 off all courses and workshops (excluding one-day seminars) and a 12% discount on up to 5 hours of coaching and editing (a $100 savings!). 

Simply email us at contact@onelitplace with your CARP membership number, and we’ll send you the coupon code for any course or workshop to be applied at checkout.

To chat about your writing goals and how our editors and coaches can work with you to achieve them, please contact us for a free consultation any time.


For additional information about One Lit Place, CARP’s featured Lifestyle Benefit, please visit CARP Member Benefits.

The McLennan Group is a proud insurance provider to CARP members and an avid supporter of One Lit Place.