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If you’ve been wanting to write a book to support and grow your business but haven’t known how to do it, now’s your time!

Our Write Your Business & Self-Development Book in 4 Months Program provides you with all the support you need. With personal mentorship, guidance, and a specific writing framework, all you have to do is show up and write, and in 4 months, you’ll have a complete draft of your book!



Increased revenue, new outreach opportunities, and boosted client and customer engagement are only some of the benefits that come from having a book that speaks to your business or ideas.

Yet writing a book on your own is extremely challenging. Many people try and quit or never begin at all because they don’t know what to do.

  • How do you structure the book?
  • What do you include in each chapter?
  • What do you do when you get stuck?
  • How do you handle interviews or the all-important proposal?
  • What about publishing?

Our Write Your Business or Self-Development Book in 4 Months Program removes the frustration and ambiguity and replaces it with a precise framework of personalized mentorship, lessons containing strategies for how to write your book, a writing plan, tools, and resources specific to your project and writing needs.

We ensure you have all you need, so you can write a fantastic book with confidence, agency, and motivation.

In 4 short months, you will have a complete book draft and soon will be helping your clients and customers in only the way you can and launching your business, reach, and earnings into a new higher category.

The Program: What You Get

  • Weekly 30-minute mentor meetings (including craft instruction, resources, and personalized support)
  • Daily progressive writing schedule
  • Accountability charting
  • 18 comprehensive lessons in best practices for writing self-development or business books, including writing craft, book construction, and process
  • Downloadable Sheets, Checklists, & Guides

Those who work with coaches and receive regular personal support see markedly greater productivity, confidence, and success.

Now you can feel confident and write the book (or books!) that represent your business, meet your audience base, and develop new opportunities for you as an authority figure and specialist in your field.

Writing the Book with Your Mentor: How It Works

From the moment you sign up, you’re matched with a mentor, who is one of the writing coaches and editors of the One Lit Place team.

During your weekly meetings, you can brainstorm new topics, learn best practices for writing your book, talk through issues, share drafts for feedback, and get strategies for keeping the writing going and your motivation high. In-between meetings in your private team on our editors’ platform, reach out to your mentor for quick questions or advice in the live chat.

Being supported throughout this process, and having a secure infrastructure to follow, leaves you free to create, take risks, and focus on what matters: writing an excellent book.

Looking for a bi-weekly mentorship option instead? Click HERE.

The Lessons

The 18 lessons in writing craft and practice correspond to the business/ self-development book-writing process. You begin with ensuring you trim down your subject and spend time outlining it, which gives you a solid framework to follow.

Each week of the program, you receive comprehensive lectures containing insights, writing strategies, readings, and resources that guide you through the writing of your book and keep you on track.


Your Writing Calendar & Time Investment

After the first few days of important preparatory work, you begin your daily writing according to your progressive writing calendar.

To achieve your book in the 4-month time frame, you will be writing 5 days/week for about 1 – 1.5 hours/ day.

Need more time?
No problem. We’re happy to provide you with an adapted calendar for up to 6 months.

Want to move faster? Copy that; we’ll help you fast-track your pages and finish in 2-3 months!

Weekly Time Commitment: With the writing, mentor meetings, and weekly lesson, you can expect to invest about 7.5 hours a week.


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Ongoing Registration Adapts to Your Schedule

This program is open for you to begin any time.

Our open enrollment means you can begin your book when you’re ready. Together, your mentor and you will design a meeting schedule and writing plan that works with your work and lifestyle.

When Is the Right Time to Write Your Book?

Many business owners put off writing their books thinking their schedule may open up- next week, next month, next year. You know your schedule goes through fluctuations, but in truth, you know the only time you’ll have a gap large enough for you to focus on writing a book is when you’re retired!

There is no right time to write a book, which is why this program has been carefully designed to fit into an entrepreneur’s busy life.

What will help you carve out an hour a day is recognizing what having a book will do for your business, how it will change you as a writer, and how it will enhance your life personally, professionally, and financially.

When you consider that if you push through for only 4 months, guided by play-by-play support, you will end up with a lasting addition to your field that will help people and forever influence ideas, your authority, and the scope of your business, it may make you see that now is your time to make one of the best investments of your career.


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What Happens When You Enroll

Day 1: The program begins the moment you sign up. You receive your Welcome email containing your first Lesson, the link to our private Facebook group, and the first day’s preparation task.

Day 2: Lesson 2 and complete the day-two task to prepare your process for the next 4 months.

Day 4: Your first writing day! Today is the day your schedule kicks in and you begin writing your book.

By the end of your first week: You’re paired with your mentor and receive an invitation to your private team in our editors’ platform where you connect and schedule your first meeting.

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Program Outcomes

This program’s infrastructure defines what you will do, when you will do it, and how you will make it happen, so in 4 months, you will have your book.

Everything that makes writing a book challenging has been replaced with solutions: one-on-one collaboration with a skilled writing mentor, a daily plan, and applicable guidance on nonfiction writing craft, mindset, and practice.

Are you ready to write your book?If you’ve tried to write your business or self-development book and found doing it alone difficult, now you have the support you need to finally get it done- and have fun doing it.



You’ve been ready to write your business book for a long time.

Now is your time to take your business to a whole new level.

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We’re looking forward to writing with you.

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