Terms and Conditions

Last update March 2019

*NOTE: if you are unable to view the below Terms and Conditions in full during registration, click HERE to go to the full page.

Listed below are the terms and conditions relating to course payments and refunds, student use of the Writers’ Workroom at One Place and student use of all course, workshop, and seminar platforms and delivery of One Lit Place . The term ‘Writers’ Workroom’ will be used to refer to any space used by One Lit Place to host any of our courses, workshops or seminars. [Use of the Writers Lounge- the online chat space on One Lit Place- signifies the acknowledgement of a separate Terms of Service, which can be found here].

One Lit Place reserves the right to amend this policy at any time. When an amendment is made, we will notify all students via the Community News forum. If at any time you decide that you no longer agree to these terms of service, you may freely cancel your participation in all courses, workshops, and seminars.

All students registered to a course, workshop, or seminar will receive a confirmation email from One Lit Place. Registration signifies the acceptance of all of the following terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email us at contact@onelitplace.com.


Payment. Payment in full is required for official registration. Payments may be made via PayPal with funds from a Paypal account or with a Visa, Mastercard or American Express card. Canadian customers may pay the enrolment fee plus 13% HST by using Interac e-transfer (to contact@onelitplace.com); U.S. customers may pay the enrolment fee (no tax) through Zelle bank transfer using tel: 416-659-5365.

We want our students to be satisfied with their educational experience at One Lit Place, and recognize that things come up that may prevent course participation after the enrolment fee has been paid. For this reason, we have the following refund policy:

Cancellation of participation (before the course start date). One Lit Place offers a full money-back guarantee for cancellation of participation in any course, workshop or seminar prior to the start date of that course, workshop or seminar. Refunds will be returned via the method in which they were received unless another alternative arrangement is made. *Note, credit card refunds made through PayPal may take up to six weeks for the credit to appear on your credit card statement. The money-back guarantee does not include a refund of any PayPal fees.

Cancellation of participation (after the start date). One Lit Place offers a full money-back guarantee for cancellations of participation in any course, workshop or seminar when cancellation is made within 5 days after the start of that course, workshop, or seminar. A 50% refund is offered for cancellations made within 5-14 days after the start of the course, workshop or seminar. Refunds go to the paying PayPal account, and you should allow up to six weeks for the credit to appear on your statement. The money-back guarantee does not include a refund of any PayPal fees. After two weeks, no refunds will be given.

Cancellation of participation of one-day seminars. One Lit Place offers a full money-back guarantee for cancellations of participation in any one-day seminar when cancellation is made prior to the start of the seminar. Refunds go to the paying PayPal account, and you should allow up to six weeks for the credit to appear on your statement. The money-back guarantee does not include a refund of any PayPal fees. No refunds will be provided for any one-day seminar after the seminar has begun or passed.

Instructor cancellation. One Lit Place reserves the right to cancel any course, workshop or seminar due to insufficient enrolment or for any other unforeseeable necessity.

In this instance, refunds will be returned in the manner to which they were received. Any refunds going to the paying PayPal account, may require up to six weeks for the credit to appear on your statement. Decisions to cancel are made as early as possible, but we reserve the right to cancel any course, workshop or seminar right up to the start date.

Availability of the Writers’ Workroom. The Writers’ Workroom will be open and available 24/7 unless otherwise forewarned. All content within the Workroom is provided ‘as is’ without any warranty.

Proper use.

  • The Writers’ Workroom is open only to those 18 years of age or older. You agree and acknowledge that by registering a course, workshop or seminar you are of 18 years of age or older.
  • You agree that you are the sole owner and user of your account and that you will not share your password with any other individual.
  • You agree you will not post any material that is defamatory or knowingly false or misleading, invasive of others’ privacy, pornographic, violent, racist, mean-spirited, or violates any applicable laws.
  • You may not use any robot, spider, crawling, scraping, software, or other automated device, process or means to access the Writers’ Workroom. You agree to not harm, hack, spam, modify or corrupt the security of the site, its features or its functionality in any way.
  • You agree to not copy, steal, modify, claim or remove in any way another member’s posts or information.

Email account validation.
You agree to maintain a current and working email address in your contact information so you may receive correspondence and any updates.

Validity of account. In the spirit of transparency and integrity, all students must accurately identify themselves in the course spaces and by full legal name or a preferred name by which you are commonly referred and identified. You may not use handles, false identities, or assumed names. One Lit Place reserves the right to request you change your name if not in adherence with this term and may revoke your access to any course, workshop or seminar if you are found to contravene these terms.

Photographic representation. As with the above term, you agree to use a photograph of yourself that is an accurate representation of your authentic person. No avatars, cartoons, signs or symbols, or photos of anyone or anything other than your own person are permitted.

Propriety rights of One Lit Place. All course materials are owned by or licensed to One Lit Place, or used with permission, and are protected by Canadian and international copyright, trademarks, database rights and/or other intellectual property rights. This includes, but is not limited to written lectures, video lectures, notes, quizzes, graphics, photos, logos and forum content posted by the instructor. Students may use all materials provided by the instructor during a course, workshop, or seminar, but are not permitted to reproduce, record, copy, distribute or share them in any format at any time. The system’s elements, functionality, design, and intellectual property and content are also not to be reproduced, copied, modified or distributed electronically or in print, without our express permission.

Rights to personal postings. Each student owns and retains all rights to any work that they post online for any course, workshop or seminar. Upon registration, you confirm that any such work you post shall be your own and shall not infringe any third party copyright. This warranty shall survive any cancellation or termination of the course.

It is strictly prohibited to remove, claim, modify or steal any other member’s postings or information. However, by posting comments, work or any other proprietary information, you assume all risk and will have no recourse against One Lit Place as the system provider for any alleged or actual infringement of any proprietary rights to which they may claim ownership.

You acknowledge and agree that One Lit Place has a non-exclusive right to publish, store, archive, backup, or relocate your content to another area of the site as deemed necessary by the administrators. The non-exclusive publishing right ends when the content is removed. You also accept that if your content or other materials are deemed to be in violation of the Code of Conduct, those materials may be deleted. 
You understand that although you may delete your content, and in so doing, remove One Lit Place’s right to further publish that work, that content may still remain on the website’s host server for a period of time. If the website ever fails and requires restoration, your work may return to the site. Either One Lit Place will remove it or you may contact One Lit Place to have the work removed again.

Backing up materials.One Lit Place does not back up content and postings from students. You are solely responsible for keeping backups of all of the content that you post. You understand and agree that One Lit Place is not liable should you become unable to access any content or data on the site, including content or data that you or other members have posted, or should you be unable to access One Lit Place itself.

Partner and third-party sites. One Lit Place instructors may use the Writers’ Workroom to include links to third-party sites. One Lit Place has no control over any third-party sites and cannot completely guarantee their content, accuracy, completeness or usefulness. Use of third-party and partner sites is solely at the student’s own risk.

Limitation of Liability.The course forums are a place for artistic exploration. By using these forums, you agree that you may be exposed to content created by other students. One Lit Place cannot be held responsible for the content, accuracy, completeness or usefulness shared by any students in the Writers’ Workroom. All posts should be considered the opinions of the respective authors and not that of the administrators, staff, or owners of this site. Serious concerns about any particular content can be directed to the instructor and further to contact@onelitplace.com if necessary.

Conduct. By registering in any course, workshop, or seminar, you agree to adhere to the rules and guidelines listed in the community Code of Conduct without question and agree to abide by any additional and/or future rules or amendments put in place by the administrators of this site. One Lit Place reserves the right to monitor or remove any content shared by any student at any time. The administration of One Lit Place takes the integrity of the Community seriously and in the event there is a breach of the Code of Conduct, particularly inappropriate behaviour or postings, they will be removed as soon as is possible and the situation dealt with as specified in the Code of Conduct.

Privacy policy.
 By participating in our courses, workshops and seminars, you consent to the collection, storage and use of member information as set forth in our Privacy Policy. You are aware that all personal information you post including email address, home address, telephone number and any other private information is done at your own risk.

Violation of these terms and conditions.  Your violation of any of these terms and conditions validates a suspension of your access to the Writers’ Workroom. Students suspended from the Workroom are not entitled to any refund. Depending on the violation, you may be investigated and appropriate legal action may be taken.

Questions and complaints. Any questions or concerns about provided courses, workshops, or seminars should first be directed to the instructor. If the instructor is unable to answer your question or concern, then it may be directed to contact@onelitplace.com. We will respond to you as quickly as possible and all such discussions are confidential.

Personal information. If you wish to be removed from our mailing list, you may email us at contact@onelitplace.com or select ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of any email newsletter.