Website Development, Design & Renovation

Don’t have a website yet or looking to renovate your current website?

An aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly and search-engine-optimized site is essential for marketing yourself and your books or services. Our trusted partner web designers and developers will design and create a new website or refine your current author, business, or personal website to ensure a far reach and connections that stick.

Website Design and Development

  • Source and develop your overall theme across a range of site hosts (WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, or Bloomtools proprietary platform)
  • Create individual pages and blog post page infrastructure
  • Integrate various media, plug-ins, e-commerce, and beyond, across a range of site hosts
  • Provide continual support and maintenance

Our Partner Website Designers

Bloomtools Toronto logo for One Lit Place at

Bloomtools websites are all custom designed and are hosted on a secure, fail proof and hack free server.

Contact: Astrid Sucipto
Web Consultant/Digital Marketing Strategist

Inkling website design for One Lit Place at

Inkling Design is a client-focused graphic design and website development studio. We love assisting clients in discovering their brand identity and creating a web experience that is as engaging as it is informative. We strive to find solutions for clients of all budget levels and specialize in WordPress-based sites that give clients full control over the content and minimize ongoing costs.

Contact: Kelly Gibson
Website Designer
Inkling Design


*Note: for Website Page Content Writing (Home Page, Service  and Product Pages, About Page, Contact, and blog posts, please visit our Website Content Writing page).