What We Offer

One Lit Place is a full-service literary hub that offers everything a writer needs:

  • Courses and Seminars covering a broad range of topics and interests for writers of all genres
  • Private Writer Services that assist creative, business and academic writers with all stages of their work from early inception and brainstorming, to mentorship and personalized instruction and coaching, to late stage publication help and planning
  • A dynamic virtual Community where writers access resources, interact via our discussion area or in live chat, get and give help, and enjoy all the advantages of being in the company of smart, engaged peers.

    • Video conferencing makes group meetings and workshops easy
    • Webinars and videos share up-to-date craft and practical advice and application
    • Our continuously updated resources list is always available to help, guide, and inspire
    • Our 24/7 discussion forum enables writers to chat about any number of subjects, get and give help, and share in the writing experience.

Check out all we have to offer and let us know what we can do to help you achieve your goals.