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Imagine yourself holding a completed book draft in your hands in only 4 months. It’s your time to go from thinking about writing a self-development or self-improvement book to support your business to having it done!

Get valuable support from your writing coach and editor, learn craft and strategy, gain essential writing skills, and stay focused and on track. This step-by-step process takes the guesswork out of writing your business book and guides you through each stage toward completion.

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Are you ready to write your business book but are unsure where or how to start? Our One Lit Place Write Your Business Book in 4 Months program is the perfect way to kick-start and sustain you and your writing to get you to the finish line.

We hear about people who “want” to write books but never do, or those who start but quit soon thereafter. But writers who get regular, specific infrastructure, guidance, instruction, and the personal one-on-one help and accountability from a writing coach and editor see markedly greater productivity, confidence, and success. Your coach will ensure you’re generating pages and pushing toward your first draft.

By writing 3 pages a day for 5 days a week, after only 4 months, you’ll have the first draft of your business book in your hands, ready to add to the information in your field, boost your authority, and generate sales, speaking engagements, and so much more!

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1. Fill out our worksheet designed to show you your goals for writing a business book, what kind of coaching or editing support would benefit you most, and how to implement a strategy for approaching the writing process.

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How It Works: Write Your Memoir in 4 Months

You and your writing coach establish a working strategy, which involves implementing a schedule of accountability meetings and check-ins for advice, prompts, and resources.

Along with that regular support, you get to work with 3-5-4:

  • Write 3 pages a day
  • 5 days a week
  • for 4 months

At the end, you will have 260 pages: a completed first draft of your memoir!


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The memoir-writing process happens in three main phases: Early Drafting, Feedback and Editing, and Late Stage Proofreading & Publication Support.

Inception & Early Drafting

– Early stage guidance, support, and editorial assistance via chat, phone, and/or video conference
– Establish project purpose, structure, outline, and audience
– Design infrastructure for writing process and writer’s schedule

Weekly or regular check-ins with your coach and editor suggested to maintain accountability and to discuss any issues or challenges that arise. *By writing 3 pages per day, 5 days per week, for 4 months, you will have a completed first draft.

Mid-Stage Coaching & Editing

– Developmental feedback on early manuscript pages
– Continual support and instruction on writing craft

Your coach and editor is on hand to provide feedback and walk you through how to implement any changes, make editorial changes on your behalf, or teach you editorial skills so you can self-edit as well as have your editor’s eyes on the work for an outsider’s take on the manuscript from macro to micro.

Late-Stage Editing & Publication Support

– Collaboratively refine book purpose, structure, pacing, and flow
– Provide substantive editing, copyediting, and proofreading
– Assist with the all-important proposal, platform, and publication support

Your editor will help refine the draft at the chapter, section, paragraph, and line level so it is lean, concise, purposeful and correct. A publication strategy can be determined to help you know whether to aim for self-publishing or traditional publishing and what steps you can take to achieve that publishing goal.

When you decide you’re ready to make your idea a reality, together with your coach and editor’s support and guidance, you will design and implement a working strategy that suits your schedule and lifestyle in order to get you churning out pages and working toward your book. That first draft of your business book can be yours in 4 short months!

Plus, knowing you’re supported at every turn throughout the process will make you feel more confident, powerful, productive, and help you enjoy writing your book.

Rate: $110/hr.

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